Sunday, September 19, 2010


I had some colleagues with me who had similar job responsibilities.We were supposed to base at the district collectorate of the respective districts. With all the enthusiasm we reached the collectorate and could realise the hardest fact that nobody in the collectorate had a clue about this programme!!!

We wandered here and there and at last could manage to meet the collector  himself  at 2.30 pm who was continuously attending different meetings from morning 7.30.He looked at us in a strange manner and asked us to   wait outside.After 2-3 minutes he called us inside and asked to sit in front of him. From his facial expression, i could derive that he got a clue about the new consultants from somewhere.He asked us about our qualifications and experience in the field...and told us that the biggest concern in our district is the primary education and we should concentrate on anganwadis.Hearing that we assumed ourselves as education ministers and gave him the word that we will manage the issue and develop the anganwadis to a level where everything will be digital!!!! I still don't know whether the collector was testing or teasing us! If he was serious, i really have concerns about the selection methods of civil service examinations...!!!!

Will continue...

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