Sunday, September 19, 2010


When i completed my MBA my aim was to get into any of the MNCs which could provide me a decent salary. I was not at all bothered about the nature of work or the scope it would provide me in moulding my career.Thus i got into a sales job which i was not that fascinated about. Definitely, it provided me a decent salary at that time for a fresher.I thought i am the luckiest of all my classmates because i was the one getting the biggest package! But that over confidence didn't last too much. After sometime, I found that the job couldn’t give me the so called ‘job satisfaction’.Still I am a bit confused with the meaning of that word despite seeing it many times in HR books…! Then I searched for some other opportunity which can make me comforatble.That time I managed to find out the meaning of job satisfaction in my dictionary.Job satisfaction meant comfortablitiy in that context!

The job search started off with the job sites like naukri,monster and jobsahead but ended up with an advertisement in a local malayalam newspaper.Kerala governement was calling some consultants to associate with ADB to plan and monitor the progress of their projects. The proposal seemed to be so appealing as I thought that it could provide a feel of ‘satisfaction’.I had a notion that all the jobs that come under a government title can bring calmness and mental luxury to life! Thus I went on applying for the post. I could smell that the responsibilities of a consultant included project planning, monitoring etc which included lots and lots of meetings,location visits and other interesting stuff.

Thus I joined the pool of MBAs who were ready to serve for the nation at any cost! As the salary part was not bad everyone seemed to be satisfied with the job too…Then came the realities….!!!!!!!! The first day in the office was inexplicable..

Will continue in the next post…

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