Monday, September 20, 2010


Guyz and gals...Do you have at least Rs.5000 to invest?
Then don't wait anymore ..try to invest in Indian stock market.
If you don't know the basic funda, don't get worried about the same...
You can learn about the terms and jargons from any website which deals with stocks...

All you have to do is to realise that the investment in stocks is not gambling,but a scientific and safe investment.
From a fixed deposit the maximum yield may be 8-9% a year whereas you can easily and safely acquire 20-30% from stock market if you invest it wisely...and if you are so lucky it can be more than 100% even..

Here are some tips to succeed in stock market...and if you have more doubts and thoughts call or contact me!

1) Determine your goal. Are you trying to generate an extra income or do you just want your money to grow so you can retire at an early age? Once you have defined your goal, then you can create a trading strategy for achieving that goal.

2) Do not invest in mutual funds.

3) Don't invest in only one stock.Invest in at least 3.

4) Avoid short selling. It can be just like gambling.

5) Choose a low cost broker and do your own investing. 

6) First try virtual stock games like share bazaar in rediff.Then go for real money

7) Before buying any stock, always have an exit strategy. The stock market can be rough for beginners. Always have a price you will exit at on the downside or the upside and stick to your plan. After you buy a stock, emotions such as fear and greed can kill your portfolio. Make a plan before buying and stick with it.

8) At the end of each year, go over your trades. Figure out why the losers lost and learn from it so you don't make the same mistakes next year.

9) Master technical analysis after sometime and you'll be able to predict the direction of any stock or index with fairly accurate results.

10) As a stock market beginner, you may not have had the time yet to learn (or want to learn) how to pick winning stocks. Use a stock picking service instead. You can always contact me at for FREE TIPS ON INVESTING.

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