Monday, November 21, 2011

Who is the worst entrepreneur?

The one who scores 40 out of 40 from the following!
1.   I can do it on my own and only I can do it
2.      I know it all.
3.       I can’t do it until I learn more.
4.       I take on too many tasks.
5.       I have to involve in every minute things
6.       I’m great at starting things, but not completing them.
7.       I don’t prioritize.
8.       I follow shiny objects.
9.       I do the same thing expecting different results.
10.   I don’t analyze my business.
11.   I don’t market my business.
12.   I expect people to find me.
13.   I don’t follow-through or follow-up.
14.   I make promises I can’t keep.
15.   I just can’t seem to say no.
16.   I blame my lack of results on my circumstances and not myself.
17.   I don’t have enough time!
18.   I don’t have enough money to invest in my growth.
19.   I don’t have a business development day.
20.   I think I don’t need a website.
21.   I always go the free route.
22.   I’m constantly looking for shortcuts.
23.   I don’t take consistent action.
24.   I don’t survey my list.
25.   I don’t have a well thought out plan.
26.   I expect others to “get” me.
27.   I pretend to have it all under control.
28.   I think Social Media is a waste of time.
29.   I make the payments delayed unnecessarily
30.   I don’t seek out strategic alliances.
31.   I don’t educate my family and friends on what I’m up to.
32.   I don’t have the right and efficient systems in place.
33.   I don’t believe anyone
34.   I don’t have a mentor.
35.   I don’t keep track of my stats.
36.   It’s all about me!
37.   I don’t know who my target audience is.
38.   I don’t evaluate my monthly and yearly financial goals.
39.   I don’t try to learn accounting as it can be difficult to learn
40.   I don’t plan. Opportunities should come to me

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