Friday, November 25, 2011

The best 10 Malayalam Movies of all times


I am listing my top ten movies.Many may disagree with the list.But i am listing these movies as it touched my heart to the core and those are must see stuff.I f you have missed any of these, don't waste your time..Juss collect it! I rank these analysing it on all aspects like,artistic value, theme, entertainment, technicalities etc...

1. Thoovanathumpikal- Awesome movie picturising the relations of us.Many can relate many things to their life through it and thats why it is an all time favorite!

and Chithram - The Mohanlal starrer is an evergreen theme with lots of real humour and instances. Nedumudi Venu, Sreenivasan etc support the script very well and it gives you some unforgettable moments. A must watch!

2. Moonnampakkam- This Padmarajan movie can haunt you till your end! The feeling it conveys is unimaginable.Through this,Thilakan once again confirmed that he is one of the finest actors available in this country!

3. Sandesam - A different political satire by Sathyan Anthikkad. Hitting the target, most of the dialogues of this film is even used now. If you watch this, you can get a clearer picture of kerala!

4. Koodevide - Another Padmarajan movie which makes you blushed with emotions! Rahman proves himself as an actor and the script makes you sit throughout the movie.Kudos Mr.Padmarajan!

5. Kaazhcha- This Mammooty starrer, Blessy film is a must watch as it deals with a relevant subject.It conveys you a message too. Don't miss it.

6. Pranchiyettan and the Saint- Although Ranjith has done varieties of films, Pranchiyettan will stand at a different level as it deals with the ego levels of human beings. It goes directly into your heart and can be called a satirical stuff too. Even conveys a real good message!

7. Vadakkunokkiyanthram- The Sreenivasan effect in Malayalam industry is visible through this particular one. Awesome scripting and execution makes it one of my favourites.Although remade into many languages, the actor Sreenivasan's performance edged past all others!

8. Namukku paarkkan Munthirithoppukal- The Padmarajan effect makes me list this movie also where he picturises the romance without much glamour or gimmicks. A simple yet strong film.

9. Kutti Sraank- Good stuff by Shaji N Karun. Shot with different styles,seasons,emotions and locations, the film makes you travel through the character's life. A different experience altogether!

10. Kireedom - One of the undebatable hits in malayalam, Kireedom is a realistic story which gives you complete experience of film viewing. The 'Mohanlal Magic' tahes it to a different league!

There are many more films which provide you the best viewing experience. Let me come with that list at some other occassion!Hope you also enjoy these movies..Any comments dears?


  1. Somehow , Kuttisrank stands odd in the list! :) Manichithrathazh could have been there..

  2. Yea..I know that its odd..Its just my personal opinion!