Monday, November 21, 2011

What Santosh Pandit teaches us...!

Santosh Pandit is a name so popular in this part of the county as he has rewritten the equations of making a cinema and marketing it! Let us consider this as a case study at least..and let me tell those people who has abused and bad mouthed Mr.Santosh, i have little or no respect to you!..and the reasons follow!

Reason Number-1
He utilised the opportunity of making money making all malayalees fools, by just pricking at their asses. Thus the Mallu character of 'teasing others' was satirically attacked by him through his cinema. 'Mallus' fell into the trap and they spent Rs.70 per head just to go to theatres, just to throw rotten eggs at the silver screen! I love this tactics! Let the screen receive eggs and tomatoes and Santosh, the perks!

Reason Number-2
Santosh's style made the social media marketing important in Kerala and it revealed the vast opportunity of YouTube and other social networking sites before us.Let the business magnets and consultants study this because, no one has ever dreamt of such a big marketing tool yet. Let this be ambush, guarilla or other marketing technique, he has created a marketing channel which can promote anything(not only self). Kudos to you for making 'Mallus' realize the potential of the media!(Plz try to realize that he gets money from google,youtube etc too!)

Reason Number -3
I never argue about the artistic quality of the film. Although it is relative, i don’t see any artistic value in the movie. But don't miss some of the dialogues.Some of those like 'Nee valiyavanaanennu karuthi....' and 'kozhiyude niram karuthathaanennu...' are some real management quotes which is applicable in today's society.He expresses himself as an ordinary person to the society. Have you guys ever tried to express your emotions so openly??? I am sure that you hide your similar emotions and curse the destiny. Santosh tried to express in his own way.Was that the problem you found in him? Just revisit your thoughts pals..!

Reason Number-4
He involved in 17 areas of the film (if it can be called so!). Its not a very easy task as we think. It requires some effort. Santosh did put some effort to do that and to break the records. Have you guys ever thought breaking any records? (which can be publically spoken!). So please try to respect the effort he has put in and try to learn some positive aspects out of it.
Reason Number-5
He showed us that there is no problem in the film industry, and the films can be done within a small budget also. If some good directors or artists get inspired by this budget, other than just critisising him, go and shoot a movie of good quality. Even if it doesn’t fit in the 5 Lakh category(as Santosh claims) it can be a profitable one. So let’s start a low budget revolution here.
..And of course, Snatosh Pandit never compelled you to see his film. It was you guys promoted it through facebook,orkut and youtube. It was you people(including media) to make him important. It was the ‘Mallu Media’ to invite him for interviews. You only made him famous among the lakhs of housewives in kerala who didn’t use youtube or facebook. Santosh never put any poster in residential colonies!
So it’s the people who made him popular. They can make you also popular. Just find an innovative way!

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