Monday, April 23, 2012

How to open a shop in Kerala?

  1. Fix up a name for your shop.I would recommend to have a good logo with color theme.
  2. A website also is necessary these days! Open a current account, get all stationery like letter pads, tax invoices, seals, before applying.
  3. Register with your local body, if it is a proprietor firm.
  4. If you want to form  a private limited company with directors, prepare a memorandum of understanding ( MOU ) and submit the same to the Registrar of Companies. A pvt ltd can be a safer and higher form of company. You need more statutory requirements here.
  5.  If yours is a 
  6. Partnership Company, find out the proper partners and prepare a partnership deed.
  7.  Try to complete your tax formalities now !
  8. Get Form - 1 from your VAT Office, fill in duplicate. Attach all required documents as indicated in the annex of the form, along with photograph.
  9.  Submit the same to your Local VAT Officer ( LVO ), along with prescribed fee. After the scrutiny, you will be issued the VAT certificate, along with 11 numbered TIN number.
  10.  Simultaneously apply for Professional tax, remit the annual fee ( varies according to your turn over ). And for 
  11. Service Tax ( if you are providing any services ). Obtain all original certificates.
  12.  Get photocopies of all documents and keep it in your file and display the Originals at the place of your business.
  13.  Maintain your books of account up to date, along with stock register. Submit your returns, every month, before the due date. Renew all registration, every year at least in Every April.
  14. Have a great business!

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