Wednesday, April 18, 2012

8 Wonderful Tips for textile retailers in Kerala!

Textiles retailing is on a boom in kerala for some unknown reasons. I am sure that there are not much market surveys done by the biggies in this area. Kalyan, Emmanual,Jayalakshmi, Pulimoottil,Seematti,Seemas (and many more) are fighting each other with the same wine in the same old bottle.Nobody has been successful in positioning themselves uniquely in the market. The ever cynical Kerala audience just change their lucks and try each one of them and thus they co-exist here! So the reason for existence of these retail chains is clearly identifiable.They are just different options of a misguided and confused customer lot! So what is the future of textile retailers in the God's Own Country?

They can just go on with this sales turn over, if being aggressive in the highly competent market. But can anyone capture a major market share? In the present scenario, the answer is a BIG NO!THE REASONS ARE LISTED BELOW AND THESE CAN BE TAKEN AS TIPS FOR THESE RETAILERS, if they want to be successful in the future Kerala market!

1. Position yourself. At least find out 1 reason to buy from you guys! Plz don't talk about quality. Walk the talk!
2. Train your staff. They really don't know how to sell! There are many tips which can make your sales at least double!
3. Give a great service. Service never means that you have to accompany a customer. Sometimes it becomes a disturbance.So study the customer and customize the service!
4. Bring a variety of dresses. Plz stop recycling the old fashions again and again. You only made the customer familiar with newer trends.Now they know more than you guyz!
5. Target the audience. Try speciality segments for teenagers,youth etc. They are a big market!
6.Be solution providers. Other than just providing products, provide solutions(No more explanation-If you want more, gimme a call!)
7. Stop making noise. Start making commitments. Campaigns with big noise have become cliches for mallus. So give them some commitment and show it in the shop.You will hit the target.
8.Be professionals in whatever you do. Have a good system for your operations.Mallus are a bit backward in this. They aim short term targets rather than the long term ones! Be a challenger!

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