Friday, August 31, 2012


The name Joker arouse curiosity, but the actual film has nothing to offer on par with it! Unlike the past alien films Joker never tends to be an entertainer and may disappoint an audient if he trusts the trailor and then watch the film..

The Kunder's fantasy miserably fail in its script and it lacks a good thread which can attract the family audience too. Farah Khan claims that she has come up with a clean movie without skin shows, but lemme ask you my dear director whether your intention was to make a U certificate movie or to make a good movie...

The cast of the film is also thoroughly mismanaged. Even Akshay Kumar who somehow managed to crack some jokes couldn't sustain it becoz of that.

Chitrangada was too sexy and that song itself.can save your pockets! Sonakshi again proved that she is not inevitable! Watch the film if you have no other job and have received an overwhelming onam bonus!

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