Saturday, December 31, 2011

Set your Goals for 2012...GET SET GO...!

Hi folks,

Have you had a look at your 2011?
Was it fruitful enough?
Did it give you expected accomplishments?
Did you contribute your 100% to achieve your targets?
Did you work at least a bit for your dream?

This is the right time...not too late for sure..
JUST PLAN IT for your 2012...

I can give u some guidelines on the same..Just plan your 2012 on the following categories

  • Spiritual and Ethical
  • Physical and Health
  • Family and Home
  • Mental and Educational
  • Social and Cultural
  • Financial and Career
  • The ultimate Dream

Ask yourself about the achievements in each category in 2011.Write don in a piece of paper.You can realise that we just wasted a year, probably all these years! Thus hope you feel ashamed now..If you don't, no need to continue.Close the page and go to bed! Otherwise continue...

Plan on all these aspects for your 2012.Define goals to achieve specific things.Your goals must be SMART ie Specific,Measurable,Achievable,Relevant,Timebound..

Thus design your goals in a very serious manner.Make it a calendar..If possible a pictorial one and exhibit in your room.Ask somebody to follow up you on the same also.By the end of 2012, you will be a different person.Sure!

For more details on goal setting and its execution call me at 9747714788 or mail me at

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Mullaperiyar Panic!

I hope you had enough of Mullaperiyar! Even a 2nd standard student knows about the history of Mullaperiyar and its evolution! 136 feet and the 999 year lease has already become the hot keywords.The social media has spread this panic even to the most modern IT addicted individuals across the globe. People in the districts of idukki,kottayam and ernakulam have starated praying for their own souls as if the water has started its murderous journey!

Guys, i am sure that Mullaperiyar is a big issue and there should be a rapid action form the concerned people for an alternative.But kindly stop spreading the danger messages and route maps! The explanations even talked about the magnitude of dirt and debris that would accumulate! Let's first wash out the dirt in our minds and the saddistic attitude and fight for a great society..